Positioned to leave any negotiation table

It’s a plain, simple, and somehow unpleasant truth that in everyone’s life there’s a whole lot of time and energy spent negotiating, getting along with people, and compromising. There’s nothing wrong with that per se, in fact, it stands at the core of every society.

In the work world though in particular, there is the tendency that people are just too agreeable – to some extent due to the dependency of their salary – which in turn can easily be exploited by their employers.

Many of us – myself included – have all too much been educated and trained to adapt, to function in a system as effectively and efficiently as possible. These are factors that made possible our careers, let us climb the corporate ladder.

But what if a work environment starts showing signs of “toxic elements”. Like superiors bullying certain employees? The sociological term by the way for this is called “bossing”. Or co-workers that treat each other unfairly practically non-stop due to external or internal pressure?

There are very few people that have the emotional strength and behavioral consistency to stand their ground, staying true to themself and not being sucked into a flow of negativity. As said, these people are rare.

To be plainly honest, I personally had a hard time “not to lose my way” and not to be sucked into a toxic corporate culture during my work career.

One “concept” that helped me a lot was the one of “F**ck you money“.

There is a tremendous amount on that topic and a ton of very good articles. The first time I heard respectively read of this kind of mindset tool was through a blogpost of J.L. Collins, who runs a blog about personal finance topics, investing and the pursuit of financial independence.

In a nutshell, having “F**ck you money” means that you as an employee have enough money that you can comfortably “risk” to stand your ground against a boss and even leave that company. Having “F**ck” you money” means that you (and your family) don’t have to face immediate hardship or stress by quitting your job,

Such a position puts you in a much stronger position. Not depending on a specific job is crucial, it strengthens your self-confidence and gives you peace of mind, it can substantially lower your stress level.

A boss will think twice risking an unnecessary conflict, sensing that you would be prepared to leave your job. People will intuitively feel strength, that there is no way messing around with you.

There’s one of the core principles for every negotiation situation: you can only win if you are mentally prepared to leave the negotiation table. That’s intuitively clear to each and every one of us. But when it comes to our own situation in the work world, we are conditioned to compromise. All too often completely unnecessarily.

Now, it’s clear, that “F**ck you money” is a different amount of money for each and every one of us. Personally, I felt a huge confidence boost, when I saw our family’s savings large enough, that we could get through a couple of months completely comfortably. Having the “war chest” to find a new job, build a business etc.

There are tremendous benefits of steadily improving the financial position over the medium term. The best way to achieve this is by focusing on cutting spendings and establishing several income sources that generate cash flows where one has not to trade time against money and grow these streams so that one day, they match the household’s spendings. It’s a challenge, to establish passive income streams, but it can be done over time. And once the system is running, it’s like clockwork.

In fact, just having read about the F**ck you money” concept alone can help a lot to get a different kind of mindset, to focus away from problems at the job to your own financial and emotional wellbeing and strength. You have the energy to gain knowledge and enjoy your free time with your loved ones without being embarrassed by negative thinkings about your work environment.

Thinking about the company where you work in your free time is like having a second job but without any pay.

All too often we don’t think about that. But it’s true. We just owe a certain amount of time to our jobs according to our work contracts.

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