SavyFox Stock Portfolio

Below we present our real investor SavyFox Stock Portfolio.

This stock portfolio started in March 2020 and over the following months by our lead SavyFox Writer. So far investments in up to 40 stocks were made.

The display sheet and graphs (below) show all stock positions, their book gains/losses (market value vs. purchase price), and the weight of each share title in relation to the total portfolio value (in USD).

This SavyFox Stock Portfolio is updated during the week (real-time), we track and share all performance data as well as the net dividend income (separate blogposts on a monthly basis).

Investment Approach

The portfolio seeks to combine a dividend income with a growth stocks approach. Therefore, the stocks belong to those two main groups:

  1. Dividend Stocks
  2. Tech Growth Stocks

The purposes is to generate over time substantial book gains plus passive income in form of shareholder distributions from dividend paying stocks.

Focus 1: Dividend Stocks

The portfolio is roughly 50 % invested into businesses that make regular cash distributions to shareholders. The portfolio invests in all kind of industries, whereas the three largest sector representatives are

  • insurance companies such as Allianz, Swiss Re, Swiss Life, Admiral
  • enterprises in the commodity sector such as British Petroleum, Fresnillo
  • consumer staples like McCormick, Danone, Pernot Ricard, Davide Campari, Barry Callebaut, Fever-Tree
  • and several other interesting Dividend Stocks.

The objective of investing in dividend-paying stocks is to obtain a steady income stream by participating in quality stocks. This adds income and stability to our portfolio.

Focus 2: Tech Growth Stocks

The selection of innovation leaders from various tech sectors (e-commerce, software, cloud computing, streaming, fintech etc.) is to a great extent inspired by the approach of the different ETFs of Ark Invest run by investment legend Cathie Woods.

The purpose of the Tech Growth Stock strategy of our stock portfolio is to participate in the long-term growth trend of the digitalization of our economies. This is best done by investing in disruptive industry leaders worldwide with proven business models.

Major Positions in our stock portfolio include:

  • Fiverr, an Israel based global market place for freelancing services. This Company seems very innovative and we believe in the future of the Gig Economy.
  • Tesla, the leading US-based electric car-maker with a very strong competitive edge in automotive driving, software, battery – and solar technology. Tesla has been pioneering the electric vehicle market for several years and we expect more to come.
  • Shopify, a Canadian e-commerce company offering one of the easiest ways to set up an online store. Shopify is used by both small and large merchants and is the industry leader for webshop solutions. Shopify has managed to successfully set up an eco-system where app-developers and service providers can benefit and are motivated to keep innovating. For customers, the Shopify Software allows to purely focusing on the marketing of their products as the technical operations of the webshop is fully outsourced and managed by Shopify.
  • Facebook, THE global social network and owner of related apps and businesses such as Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram
  • and several other interesting Tech Growth Stocks.

Below we present the current status of our SavyFox Stock Portfolio:

The Bottom Line

As you can see above, the portfolio developed quite well. This is also due to the stock market reaching record highs in the last years, recovering quite quickly from the low in March 2020. Actually, the low of the Stock Markets in early 2020 allowed us to build up several of our positions which now are in profits.

Some additional observations with respect to this portfolio:

  • Even Dividend Stocks can have stock value gains. Here it is important to buy at a great price when the stock appears undervalued
  • Tech Growth Stocks have higher profit potential but also higher risk. Here as well it matters when you buy the stock.
  • Based on our experience there are always buying opportunities as each sector behaves differently. One just has to search for it and buy it.

We hope our SavyFox Investor Portfolio provides you with some inspiration how you can build your own portfolio. Let us know in the comments below what you think.

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